Canterbury set for £380m of investment

Great to see that Biggleston Yard is on the list as part of the exciting future for the city with more than £380m due to be invested in bringing forward new development over the coming years.

Manuel Alsoni, Chief Executive Officer, Setha Group, said: “As Canterbury City Council rightly recognises there is a lot happening in the city and more will be coming through during the next year or two.


“There’s a need to strike a balance in the City between its historic past and modern future. We share the Council’s vision to embrace modern day city living, creating a place that’s economically and environmentally sustainable by benefitting local businesses, residents, students and visitors.”


The list below features projects worth hundreds of millions of pounds - and that's just the ones the Council can put an accurate figure on.


Whether it's the public sector like the Council, schools or universities, or private investors, like Setha Group and its Biggleston Yard project, displaying their confidence in Canterbury, it shows a city that's thriving and has a really exciting future.


Here’s the list:

1.    The Riverside at Kingsmead (cinema, restaurants, homes and student housing) - £115 million

2.    Canterbury Christ Church University’s STEM project - £65million

3.    King's School, The Malthouse - £38 million

4.    Cathedral - Canterbury Journey - £25 million

5.    Guildhall Quarter, the Debenhams redevelopment - £25million

6.    Kent and Medway Medical School - £24.8 million

7.    New council housing at Parham - £23 million

8.    Slatters Hotel, St Margaret's Street - £10 million

9.    Biggleston Yard, the redevelopment of the Nasons site - £25million

10.  StationRoad West multi-storey car park - £9.1 million

11.  Kingsmead Field housing - £4.5 million

12.  NewJaguar showroom and Barretts head office - £6 million

13.  Kingsmead Leisure Centre - £10 million


And you can add plenty more projects worth millions of pounds more, too:

* Marlowe Theatre extension

* Barretts ex-showroom site, St Peter's Street

* Barton Court Free School on the site of the formerChaucer Technology School

* Former Dairy Crest site redevelopment

* St Mary Bredin redevelopment

* Langton Girls' new building

* Northgate Garage redevelopment


The Council doesn’t think that it’s an exhaustive list as more projects will be in the pipeline, and not public.